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Finding the Balance:
Earth, Body, Life

Supporting the healing and awakening journey through an energetic lens.

Treated Silk
Dandelion Fields

Hi I'mJess

Life can get complicated. I get it, I've been there. And one of the things that  makes me a unique part of your healing journey, is to guide & help you to see (and smell) things at a slower, more Earthy, and grounded into the dirt, kind of place.


Sometimes, even when we think we have all of the answers, something changes and we need a new way to see things.

Sometimes in order to heal, we have to give up all that we thought we knew, to become something NEW. Just like the caterpillar transforming into the butterfly.

With the practice of theta healing, spiritual channeling and a vibrational medicine to connect us directly to nature... I add a special touch of plant and gem frequencies, just for you and your internal healing. As an energy worker and plant intuitive, I have found my gift to help you heal, by bringing in a touch of nature to the healing sessions, and this is my unique way of bringing forth a different type of healing, with you. We are all a part of this Earth, and sometimes it helps for us to remember how we are connected to it.

My journey is to help you find a new lens.

To see things in a fresh, new perspective, through the power of smell, touch and connecting with the Earth again.

Contact me today, to learn more about yourself again.

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Find me at Upcoming Events! 


Sat. 11/12 Novato CA- Holiday Bazaar Nativity of Christ Greek Orthodox Church 10am-4pm

1110 Highland Drive, Novato, CA 94949

Sun. 11/27 Santa Rosa CA- Patchwork Craft Fair 11am - 5pm-

Old Courthouse Square in Santa Rosa, CA


Sat. 12/10 Fairfax CA- Fairfax Holiday Craft Faire 11-5pm

Sun. 12/11 Nevada City CA- Nevada City Craft Fair 10-5pm 

Miners Foundry 

Sat & Sun Dec. 17th & 18th Oakland CA-Telegraph Avenue Holiday Street Fair 

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