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My name is Jessica Ash, owner and creator of Botanical Activations in Sebastopol CA.


My business focuses on offering intentional products designed around emotional and spiritual healing themes and are made with wildcrafted and homegrown flower essences and medicinal plants.


My products are vibrational and energetic remedies, created from the healing power of flower, plant, and gem essences. With most of my products I combine a smell or taste, so that all the senses and energy centers in the body are activated and the remedy becomes even more potent. This combination also offers people a bridge between physical and energetic medicine, and so my products reach a wide audience, making vibrational medicine more accessible and desirable to those who otherwise might skip over it!


My aura mists and room sprays are very unique compared to other products on the market because instead of being just a hydrosol, which is of course already medicinal, the addition of flower and gem essences brings it to the next level and addresses many layers of healing energetically.


My aura mist line is designed around specific emotional, spiritual, and physical healing themes and offer a full energetic reset, state change, mood change, nervous system recalibration, pattern interrupt, etc. and help to rewire the brain and operating systems. These potent medicinal sprays give people a tool they can carry around in their pocket to support them to have more authority over how they feel,  how they walk through life, and within their relationships. They also make popular gifts!


All my products support personal and relational healing. The flower essences and activated floral waters bring us back to ourselves and amplify our sacred intentions. They help people connect with the healing powers of Mother Earth and her plant and mineral kingdom, and support people to connect to and embody their highest potential. Flower and gem essences raise people’s state of consciousness and support walking with more intention and awareness throughout their daily lives.

Every flower essence that I use in my products I have personally harvested, and the plant has communicated to me that it wishes to be used to support humanity’s healing and awakening journey. I use a lot of heart medicine in my products, for when we heal and open our hearts, the sacredness and potency of our existence and life on earth can be realized more deeply.


Flower essences and vibrational medicines are very up and coming and yet for most it is very new and might feel a little beyond reach or comprehension. Because my flower essences are combined with essential oils and hydrosols, they are desirable to people who otherwise might not use a more traditional flower essence that has no taste or smell. Another example is my Open Heart Elixir, which contains the energetics of roses (direct from my personal rose garden) but with the added taste of rose, honey and brandy, brings the experience to the next level!


Lastly, all my products are made in small batches by me and I package in glass only.When I buy additional ingredients, like rose water and essential oils, I only choose 100% pure and organic. I never add anything synthetic, everything is basically edible!


Please see my product line sheet below for more specific information on each of my available products, and please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.


I greatly appreciate your time taking this all in and considering if my products might fit well in your store! I am more than happy to collaborate with you on how to best serve your customer base and hope to work with you in the near future!


To order through my Faire Direct: www.botanicalactivations​.faire​.com




Jessica Ash

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