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Botanical Activations

As a plant intuitive & energy worker, Jess created Botanical Activations product line to pull Earth + Heart + Body connection together, ground you down, and break free

"Paring you with vibrational medicines from Mother Earth, my goal is to help you let go and align with a new frequency.

To access new states of being and anchor you to your highest potential on your healing journey."

Earth + Source Connection...Spiritual Healing.

Everything starts in the energetic realm

before manifesting in the physical.

In modern day society, we are bombarded by chaos, and are constantly being pulled away from our innate spirituality and connection... this can include everything from EMFs, to human pain and suffering.

The more alienated we become from our natural connection to Source and Mother Earth, the more sick and unhappy we become. 


Many of us are carrying trauma from religious dogma, and disconnection from modern day culture and technology.


When we seek to heal, we must include reuniting with our soul spirit God connection in its purest and truest form. 


Our faith and knowingness and connection to the magic of our soul being on planet earth is ESSENTIAL to our highest expression and embodiment.

Nature holds the keys (frequencies) to bring us back into balance and health connected to our innate wisdom.


Through nature and Source frequencies, we are able to shift from just surviving to THRIVING. 

Jessica's Flower Essences and Theta Healing Sessions bring Nature and Source frequencies DIRECTLY into your body and energetic field.

By working with Jessica, and her gifts as a Vibrational Medicine Practitioner, Plant Intuitive and ThetaHealer®, you too can tap back into and embody your highest self, and reconnect with Source again.



Jessica's many tools and skills offer a variety of ways to support you on your healing and transformation journey. 

Here's some of the main ways Flower Essences and ThetaHealing can assist you: 

  • CLEAR AND PURIFY your energy field. Creating space for the old dense energies to be released and cleared. What you picked up from your parents and lineage, stays in the body as energy. When there is disharmony with these imprints and your highest potential, we can start to feel ruled by the energies that are not truly us. Jessica's tools and healing modalities provide the ability to clear and reset, helping you to align with your highest self and Source wisdom. 

  • SHIFT FREQUENCIES using Earth and Source frequencies to align body and spirit. Let go of outdated energies, beliefs, programs. and introduce new potentials new perceptions of reality, accessing ways of being that were never available before. 

  • REWIRE YOUR NUERAL PATHWAYS and reprogram your core belief systems that create your reality. Using the powerful modality of Theta Healing, there are infinite possibilities available to you! 

    • Heal core wounds

    • Resolve inner conflict and resentments

    • Cut toxic cords

    • Soul fragment retrieval

    • Resolve and heal past and present life trauma

    • Heal and integrate your inner child

    • Psychic divorce from relationships no longer serving you

    • Integrate with your highest self and highest potential. 

  • NERVOUS SYSTEM WORK recalibration. Rewiring the circuits and brain. Tuning to natures frequencies. It’s all frequency and energy. Using plants and Source frequencies to calm heal and reset your nervous system.

  • INTEGRATION is essential with all the shifts in perceptions, new insights, and upgrades. With Jessica's ability to hold a deeply safe and compassionate space for you and your process, Jess will support you with tangible tools to make sure you are able to embody and integrate your newfound gifts and states of being into all aspects of your life and relationships. Starting with the most important one- your relationship with yourself.

​Let us carry the wisdom from the ancestors forth, but release the pain, traumas, and limitations of the past.  


Contact Jess today for a FREE 15-minute chat to see how you can be best supported on your unique healing journey!



Energy Seer, Channeler


Looking through an energetic lens, I can feel into your Spiritual Core, and pull out a special formula meant for your specific healing. This special gift given to me, allows me to help you tap into your past, present and future self. It allows me to help you dive deep, to help YOU do the internal work needed for progression.  


Plant Intuitive Medicine Maker

I connect with each and every plant I grow or harvest (with permission) and receive messages and instructions of how the plant wishes to assist and work with us. 

When I work with you, I tap into your unique energy and I match you with your plant ally to bring accelerated growth and healing.  


Sacred Space Holder

You deserve to feel fully seen and heard on your sacred journey. Feeling safe to open fully and explore your inner realms is essential to break through and break free. My whole life I have had the gift of holding space and helping people feel safe and heard and bring into clarity what is feeling muddled and confusing. I will be there with you through the ups and downs cheering you on from a place of love and compassion. 

With ThetaHealing and flower essences, we can tap into amazing healing energy together. I can guide you, while you do the heavy lifting to clear what has been keeping you stuck.

Free 15-minute Consultation

Contact me today for a FREE 15-minute conversation to set up your healing journey with me.

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