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Meet Jess

Dear friends 🌱✨ I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and express my gratitude for the incredible journey we've embarked on together 💫 I'm so grateful for the beautiful souls I've met vending this past year and a half. You have helped fuel the passion within me, providing momentum to share the healing power of vibrational plant medicines more broadly. 

In 2017 and 2018, I delved into the study of plant and earth energetics prompted by the realization that the key to changing the world lies within our own healing. Seeking answers and in need of profound personal healing, under a Hopi Grandmother, I immersed myself in connecting with Mother Earth, learning the language of plants, and opening to the world of energetics. These experiences led to life-changing transformations that inspired me to support others on their healing journeys.

My mission is to empower you with the healing frequencies of plants, fostering inner authority, energetic sovereignty, and harmonious relationships within yourself and with others. The remarkable power and consciousness of plants elevate our state of being, unlocking unexplored realms and guiding us to uncover hidden truths. They offer codes -frequencies- that enable us to choose a different, more aligned path and experience more FREEDOM within ourselves, our relationships, and our overall lives. 

Flower essences have been transformative in my personal life, liberating me from shutdown and disconnection to embrace vibrancy, heart connection, intuition, and my life purpose. By working with the energies of the earth and plants, I've released deep-seated pain and rediscovered the joy and magic of being alive, especially during this pivotal time for humanity and collective consciousness.

My heartfelt prayer is that my products help you access your authentic self, gain higher perspectives, release what no longer serves, and embody your highest self in daily life, guided by the wisdom and healing power of Mother Earth.


My apothecary is full of medicines that I harvested from all over CA, the southwest, and sacred ancient sites. I source my ingredients as much as possible from my personal garden and wild spaces and when I buy ingredients I make sure to find the most pure and highest quality possible.

I’m currently open to collaborations, selling at storefronts and wellness centers, hosting medicine-making and educational workshops, and creating custom products aligned with specific intentions.

Let's embrace the magic of plant frequencies, reclaim ourselves, and step into boundless possibilities 🌹✨🌿


Fore more information of the tools and modalities Jessica uses in her sessions, click here

To shop Jessica's products, click here


Find me at Upcoming Events! 

~May 2024~

Saturday 5/11

The Whimsy Metaphysical Market 

Cosmic Witch Market


Shady Oak Barrel House 

Santa Rosa, CA

Thursday 5/16

Occidental Community Farmers Market 


Downtown Occidental

Occidental, CA 

Saturday 5/18

Mill Valley Makers Market


Mill Valley Lumber Yard

~June 2024~

Sunday 6/2 

Whimsy Metaphysical Market


Gillman Brewing Co.

Berkeley, CA

Saturday & Sunday 6/8-9

Fairfax Festival


Find me at the flea market in Peri Park!

Fairfax, CA

Saturday  6/15

I’m teaching a workshop! 

Plant Energetics and Plant Communication

at Citrine Wellness Center

Larkspur, CA

More details TBA, contact me to get on the list 

Saturday 6/29

Whimsy Metaphysical Market

Mermaids and Sea Witches themed 


Four Fools Winery 

13 Pacific Ave. Rodeo, CA

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Stay Tuned! 

keep me in the loop for events, special offers, new products, & more! 

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Energy Seer, Channeler


Looking through an energetic lens, I can feel into your Spiritual Core, and pull out a special formula meant for your specific healing. This special gift given to me, allows me to help you tap into your past, present and future self. It allows me to help you dive deep, to help YOU do the internal work needed for progression.  

Plant Intuitive Medicine Maker

I connect with each and every plant I grow or harvest (with permission) and receive messages and instructions of how the plant wishes to assist and work with us. 

When I work with you, I tap into your unique energy and I match you with your plant ally to bring accelerated growth and healing.  

Sacred Space Holder

You deserve to feel fully seen and heard on your sacred journey. Feeling safe to open fully and explore your inner realms is essential to break through and break free. My whole life I have had the gift of holding space and helping people feel safe and heard. I will be there with you through the ups and downs cheering you on from a place of love and compassion.

With ThetaHealing and flower essences, we can tap into amazing healing energy together. I can guide you, while you do the heavy lifting to help liberate yourself from what's been keeping you stuck 


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