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Sending Gratitude to those that have allowed me to be a part of their healing journey.

With love, Jess


Theta Healing

Copper Musser

I have worked closely with less for over a year

now. She is a true heart based authentic Healer

and woman!

She taps into Spirit like no other! I have been

in total awe of what she has helped me see and

pinpoint and heal within myself.

She is able to see things energetically so clearly

and share them in a way that sparks huge


Her channel offers clear insight into the layers,

realms and aspects so beautifully and teaches how

to hold this space with an inherent ground.

She gently guides you to your own power with a

deep care and heart, that allows one to feel held



I feel safe with her•

I trust her completely to hold a neutral loving

container for me to unravel and reflect.

I sincerely respect Jess and her work in

alchemical botanical magic

Her ability to combine healing elements through

plants and their magic


In the assimilation of the belief work/

Theta Healing, and thus supports the whole

process of her offerings.

Her gifts work in tandem with the other.

I have seen absolutely major shifts in my own

personal life through working with less!

She is

potent and a total power house !..

a true honor to know and receive from her


My experience working with Jess has been very powerful in helping me push through beliefs that have been holding me back my whole life. She has helped bring me deep understanding and awareness to blockages and patterns, and given me tools and insight on how to shift out of them. Her intuitive abilities are amazing, in the way she communicates with a higher power, and sees/feels exactly what’s going within me without me having to say anything, and articulates it in a way that helps me to see myself and my behaviors clearly. I feel so empowered after working with Jess, I highly recommend her to anyone to is ready to dive deep into their core wounds and make real changes in their lives and ways of being in the world


Jessica’s presence and her ability to hold space made working together feel so good and allowed me to really relax and open up to the beautiful journey she guided me through. I love the structure of the theta practice and how easily accessible the subconscious becomes as she leads me through the meditation. Jessica has such strong intuition and a beautifully inquisitive approach to uncovering limiting belief systems. Each session I was blown away by what came up!

Now I see that I create my entire reality and what I experience based upon what I believe to be true and thus attract experiences resonate with those beliefs through my field. Jessica helped me to reclaim my power and to really know on a deep level that my past doesn’t define me and I’m able to shift my beliefs to manifest new experiences; anything I can dream of is possible!

For me, if I didn’t know how something felt I wasn’t able to manifest it. I might have been able to see what wasn’t working on my own, but shifting my frequency to what I wanted to experience was challenging because I didn’t know how it felt. That’s the beauty of what Jessica offers. She identifies how it is you want to feel and is able to download that feeling into your field. She channels the energy and it’s palpable - an instant energetic tune up of sorts!


Once I knew the feeling, I could anchor it within myself and hold the feeling with my vision increasing my manifesting power tremendously. Jessica’s ability to tune in and create a safe container to move energy and process emotions is so valuable..literally life changing. It feels really good to have support when making big changes.


Flower Essences


Jess’ intuitive connection to the plants she works with is clear.  Having only bought essences from the store before, working with Jess has brought my awareness of flower essence benefits to a whole new level.  


So far I have bought 3 different blends from her for family dynamics that needed support & all were amazing!


She created a custom blend to help move long time difficult dynamics with my teen that seemed to never budge.  With 1 dose of the right blend, stagnant energies that kept him isolated & disengaged brought him out & curious about what life has to offer.  It's only been been couple of weeks, but the transformation is amazing & undeniable as creative energies are now moving him into new ways of being.


Not having to self censor with this awake friend is a blessing!


Melanie (Using Bristlecone) 

My favorite part about working together with Jess was how deeply she listened to me and respected my say within the container.  Though this should go without saying within a healing relationship, it has been my past experience with other practitioners to feel disempowered within a healing relationship. 


However, with Jess, I felt heard, empowered, and in awe of what we were able to accomplish together in a short amount of time. 


Through working together with a custom essence, I have moved through obstacles within my life that I have felt totally stuck in for years.  I feel a clearer mind, better boundaries, and a much stronger ability to create my life and reality.  If someone is on the fence about working with Jess, I would say that they should ask themselves if they are truly ready for positive change, because that is the energy that Jess brings to the work. 


She was thorough and completely present with me, and I am so glad I followed through on working with her because I have experienced leaps and bounds of magical growth in a very short span of time!!



Working with Jessica was extremely helpful and an amazing process. I was looking for a way to bring in more heart connection and openness in my busy life, and Jess was able to hone in on what I wanted and needed with focused questions and endless empathy.


In reviewing our work with essences, she helped me zero in on what had worked and what I still needed to grow. To anyone curious or on the fence to would say-you deserve to explore what’s possible, and Jessica Ash is the perfect person to walk with you.

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