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Working with Jessica

My Gift of Holding Space

Sometimes the most important thing for healing, is just feeling held and understood during your trials and tribulations.


Whatever your journey may hold, my biggest gift is holding space for you while you need to be "heard" when you need it the most.


No matter what traumas may be holding you back from growth, my goal is to help you feel safe, heard and validated during your healing process. Others have said that what makes me unique, is the blanket of comfort they feel during my sessions.


No judgement, sprinkled with a little bit of grace, topped with a potion or two of plant magic is the perfect recipe to help open you up to your own self healing journey. 

The goal?

Healing... my loves.

I want to be here to help you blossom. Like a beautiful recipe designed by nature, to help you unfold like you were meant to in this life.


As a student and a teacher of plant medicine, spiritual growth & intuitive channeling, I would like to help you find your next path. Designed to help you tap into your highest self, highest expression and journey... we can open the next doorway to your human and soul evolution through self healing.

More about Jessica

Jessica is a plant intuitive and transformation guide helping people to find inner freedom and step into their highest self. She offers potent healing sessions using vibrational medicines and Theta Healing to support people to break free from past wounds and trauma, limiting beliefs and perspectives, and stuck energy being stored in the body causing disharmony physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

She has extensively studied energy healing including using plant and earth energetics under a Hopi Elder who she traveled all over the Western United States with wildcrafting her own plant, mineral, and earth essences. 

Jessica has been on a deep lifelong transformational journey, working through traumas, depression, disconnection from herself and spirit, and finds her purpose in assisting others throughout their transformation with tools that she has learned along the way. 

Jessica’s apothecary is full of medicines that she has harvested from all over CA, the southwest, and sacred sites. She also sources medicines as much as possible from her personal garden.

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