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My personal journey and transformation with flower essences

For many years before I began using flower essences, I kept getting stuck in deep repeating depression cycles. ⁣

I had no energy, felt the need to control everything, was always searching for more, & my inner critic was out of control- I was constantly telling myself I was not good enough & all the ways I “should” be better. ⁣

I was an irritable & reactive person to be around. ⁣

I carried the weight of the world on my shoulders & could not stand feeling because when I did, I felt unbearable grief & despair. ⁣

This led me to being completely checked out, shut down, & disconnected with my emotions, including the pleasant joy, silliness, pleasure, & connection. ⁣

I thought I was sick. I tried changing my diet, went to talk therapy, & changed my external world by traveling, attempting to make myself feel better. ⁣

But it wasn’t until I landed in an apprenticeship in 2016 and began intensively studying energetics and flower essences (by using this modality for 2+ years on myself and studying the technicalities of the medicine) that I began to heal from the inside out. ⁣

The plants guided and assisted me to heal my wounds, and open my heart. ⁣

They brought to the surface and helped me clear trauma I had been carrying from my childhood, my lineage, and my ancestors. ⁣

Flower essences gave me the support to be able to navigate and heal my deep emotional pain instead of feeling overwhelmed by it and shutting down. ⁣

I mended my relationship with my mother. ⁣

I began to feel SAFE in my body to start feeling again. I started feeling not JUST pain but joy, and pleasure, and I gained access to loving and connecting with myself. ⁣

On top of this, the plants taught me how to connect to spirit & divine intelligence & integrate spiritual teachings into my life. I began tapping into my spiritual guidance, my psychic abilities, and the MAGIC of life on Mother Earth.

This led me to feeling TRUST & anxiety & need for control falling away. ⁣

With new found clarity I started embodying my soul’s purpose & walking my soul’s path. ⁣

This is why I live & breathe the teachings & medicine of the plants. ⁣

I am a bridge. ⁣


Give Thanks. 

And you shall receive. 

We are here to serve ✨🌸

Love Jess

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