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Breaking free of collective systems of oppression by starting with ourselves

If we want to break free of systems of oppression and exploitation and create new systems, new communities and new ways of being on the planet...

We must FIRST do the work INTERNALLY-

—>To resolve and clear our toxic emotional cycles 

—>To heal our wounds and traumas

—>To dissolve the programs and beliefs that keep us unconsciously perpetuating these destructive cycles 

To learn and RE-program ourselves to exist in a heart based frequency of love and unity. 

Otherwise, our "new" systems will appear on the surface to be different, but will really just be recreating and playing out the SAME dynamics of control, violence, and oppression that are currently living within us.


The reason that I'm so passionate about helping people heal, clear, and resolve the old cycles of violence, trauma, deep conditioning and programming, is because WE CAN NOT MOVE FORWARD as a collective unless we clear these imprints. ⁣

Not until we do this can we completely let it go and move into something new. ⁣

🌸⚡️Did you know that flower essences are a powerful tool to assist you to do this work? ⁣⚡️🌸

When we are not consciously addressing what is living within us we end up unknowingly recreating and perpetuating the hate and hurt in our lives and relationship dynamics.⁣

Unconsciously giving outlet to our emotions of anger, fear, grief, and violence perpetuates that same energy. It creates more of it. It attracts more of the same frequency of itself. ⁣

Shifting into love, acceptance, and unity must be created from within before we can create it in the outside world. ⁣But we can’t really do this until we gain awareness and shed the old.

This is why I am so passionate and dedicated to not only doing this internal work myself, but also offering my extensive knowledge and vibrational medicine tools to those who are ready to be the change they wish to see in the world. ⁣

If we want real and lasting change and something truly new we must go inside and do this work. ⁣

Flower essences shine a light in the darkness, accelerate the healing process, and get to the CORE of what is living us. ⁣

Flower essences are such a potent tool, who carry an incredible intelligence- to guide and facilitate deep healing, trauma resolution, and massive breakthroughs. ⁣

If you are ready for real clearing, lasting shifts, and the ability to create something truly NEW, it’s time to start working with these energetic medicines

All my love,⁣


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