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Differentiating our energy from others with Yarrow

I’ve been mad attracted to yarrow lately...these babes have flooded my life recently and I’m getting them in the ground today! 🌱🌞 ⁣👩‍🌾

It’s really no surprise that I’m so drawn to her... yarrow’s energetics are all about protection and energetic boundaries 😊

She is all around a strong ally for sensitives and empaths especially. She supports us to hold our own and create protection without walls. ⁣

Yarrow is especially helpful for those who work with people energetically and in the healing realm but also for those who struggle to be around people because their energy gets zapped.

She helps tighten up our auric field to have more integrity and keep your energy regenerating from within instead of leaking out or attempting to gain energy from outside ourselves. ⁣

She helps recharge the psychic forces and helps those who feel depleted from their energy leaking or others wanting to entangle and suck energy for themselves. ⁣

There are no coincidences! ⁣ ⁣

Only the exact right things at the exact right time...we just have to pay attention and listen 💫🔮⁣

Have a beautiful Saturday and remember, your energy is your own! 🌑🌻❣️⁣

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