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Addressing the subtle realms with flower essences to create life changing shifts

Everything starts in the energetic body and then manifests physically in our external reality.

Change doesn’t happen by forcing yourself to be a different way.

Change happens by addressing the underlying energetics of what is creating your state of being.

If you want to start experiencing something different, stop trying to address your external circumstances and start addressing your internal energetic realm.

It's important to address the energetic reasoning behind your states of being or else nothing will change. ⁣

Flower essences do just that-they introduce a higher frequency giving you access to elevated states and bring to light (your awareness) what the lower density emotions, wounds, and negative mental thoughts are that are running the show and keeping you stuck. ⁣

This internal block could be showing up in the way we talk to ourselves, what we say when we look in the mirror, how we hold all the responsibility, and what areas of our lives we are latching onto control instead of leaning into trust. ⁣

All of these things create external circumstances but we can not shift anything until we address the underlying energetics of it all. ⁣

Introducing flower essences into your self care regimen will give you access to connecting to yourself in a deep way, developing more trust within yourself, developing more trust and connection to your Divine Guidance, feel more resourced and clear, and give you the ability to break free of emotional states that no longer serve you.

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