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Heal with Jessica

The spiritual meaning of smell is not just limited to the sense of smell. It can be a very powerful tool for healing and transformation.

The sense of smell is one of the most powerful, primal, and spiritual senses. It has a spiritual meaning that transcends time, being one of the oldest known forms of communication.

It is said that smelling a scent can change our mood and even influence our state of being. Smelling perfume can take us to another world, one where we are surrounded by beauty, love, and power.

By working with Jessica, and her amazing gift as a Spiritual Herbalist, Plant Intuitive and Healer, you will be able to enhance your Spiritual gift of smell, in a transformative and healing way. Give yourself the gift of understanding and developing out your gift of smell, remembering to love life again, and finding ways to heal yourself from within.


Plant Intuitive

As a plant intuitive, I can feel into your Spiritual Core, and pull out a special formula meant for your specific healing. This special gift given to me, allows me to help you tap into your past, present and future self. It allows me to help you dive deep, to help YOU do the internal work needed for progression. Contact me to today for a FREE 15-minute conversation to set up your healing journey with me.



My plant intuition comes from my knowledge as an Herbalist. I connect with each and every plant I grow or harvest (with permission). Feeling and holding something like a rose petal, or turning it into an essence, allows me to use my gifts as an Herbalist to spread my knowledge & healing with you, in all ways possible... taste, smell, feel, etc. Want to learn how to do it yourself? I can teach you how.


Healing, Coaching & More

As a Theta Healer, I have learned how to tap into some amazing healing energy with you. I can guide you, while you do the heavy lifting to help heal yourself from past traumas. I also specialize in helping you with your post-partum journey, or healing the elderly.


Also... As a spiritual guide, I know personally that the teacher is also the student. I am always learning, and would love to help you understand what theta healing is, and how to also learn how to do Spiritual Channeling yourself. 


Spiritual Smells

Some of the most popular spiritual smells include the smell of incense, the smell of burning sage, the smell of frankincense, and the smell of myrrh.


Meditation with Smells

The spiritual smells are used by many people to help them feel more connected to their spirituality or religion. Some people even use them while they meditate or pray.


Heightened Sense of Smell or Clairalience Smell Meanings

Clairalience is the ability to smell that which is not physically present. It’s a heightened sense of smelling in which you can take psychic impressions about people, places, or things.

Clairsentience is the power to sense information through the sense of smell. It is said to be one of the miraculous parts of “The Sixth Sense.” With this ability, people can also use it to recall memories, feel emotions or even see future events based on their intuition.

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