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30 min Channeled Plant Ally Reading

Service Description

This is a 30 min reading + a custom essence blend We will call in your plant guides and you will receive a channeled reading to offer clarity, messages, and guidance for your healing and awakening journey. You will receive downloads and frequency upgrades from your plant guides. After the session I will make you a custom flower essence blend based on the reading. *Note, this option does not include follow-ups, for package with follow ups please go back to “book a session” page and select “1hr consult with custom essence blend” Flower essences work on the energetic level and support the emotional and spiritual aspects of healing. Flower essences are extremely supportive to resolve inner conflicts and any emotional turmoil that is causing pain and suffering. Some examples of things that can be addressed with flower essences are: grief, resentment, regret, scarcity, insecurity, familial disharmony, breaking out of trauma loops and cycles, abandonment wounds, etc. Flower essences support coming back to our unique self, embodying our strength, intuition, and trust more deeply. They support us to feel more spiritually anchored in love, faith, our connection to nature, and help us to feel supported and protected by Mother Earth and Source frequency. Flower essences help us heal our connection to God and bring more trust and love into our life and relationships. Because our emotions and internal realm is directly related to our physical health, flower essences can help heal physical ailments as well by coming at the dis-ease from an energetic and vibrational angle.

Cancellation Policy

Please notify me 24 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule.

Contact Details


Sebastopol, CA, USA

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