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Nature, Theta & Jessica

Who am I? And Why am I here?

Once upon a time...

In a beautiful, fresh new world... there was a person filled with love, hope and beauty. This person was like a fresh new baby, with a glow about them. Excited to take first steps, explore new things, and just see life through a special, happy & joyful lens.

Seemingly innocent, sweet and smelling fresh like baby powder... This person naked, and alive... explored the world in its beauty through all of his or her senses.

With time, conditioning and human behavior took ahold of them, and little by little... they forgot the true purpose of who they were meant to be. Human possessions, victim labeling, and various other elements contributed to deflating this glow that was truly, who they were.

So, what is the end of this story? There is no end, my friend. There are only chapters. And with this human experience, you are meant to write your own stories, and put those chapters on a shelf that no longer define who you are. Enter, a rebirth. A reminder that you own the pen to your own closing, and your next beginning.

Heal with Jessica

By introducing your beautiful senses to the smells and Essences created by Jessica, along with some amazing and powerful Spiritual awakening messages, you too can create a journey that you love again. Remember the power of birth, and the excitement of why we chose to be Human.

If you are ready to try something new, to ground with the Earth, and to feel the power behind the healing elements in nature, Heal with Jessica Today.

Jessica is happy to have a brief chat with you, and your loved ones to find a new way to heal. Stay tuned for future Spiritual Downloads, created for you, by me.

With Love Always,

Jessica Ash

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